Aboriginal Hunting , Fishing & Trapping (Now Including Firearm Regulations)

Making sense of treaty issues and constitutional rights

Aboriginal Hunting, Fishing & Trapping is offered to interested organizations or individuals because of the complicated legal issues facing particular groups around different interpretations of original treaties and how those constitutional rights have been changed, eliminated and challenged over time. For example, Métis settlement members are allowed to take part in subsistence hunts year-round in Alberta upon proof of Métis identity. Métis people used to have to prove their Métis identity through a long list of steps. However, in a 2009 court case it was decided only a membership card is needed. To make matters even more confusing, the province was given the right to appeal that appeal. This workshop outlines the current Treaty Indian and Métis harvesting laws applicable to the workshop audience. It sheds light on the history behind these laws and provides a setting for discussion on how they have been challenged, and may continue to be challenged, in the future.


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Publication - Aboriginal Identity-Terms and Definitions