A New Hope & Your Voice Counts

(2015, 16 min, $5.00)

A Two Video Set from Bear Paw Media

A New Hope: Applying to Terminate Permanent Gaurdianship Order

Sometimes, in order to be a healthy parent, people must go through a healing journey. A New Hope looks at laws that give former guardians the opportunity to bring their family together again, after losing their children under a permanent guardianship order (PGO).

Click here for a PDF copy of the PGO review form.

Your Voice Counts:  Children and Youth Appealing Court Orders

No matter how old you are, you deserve to have your voice heard. New laws in Alberta give anyone under 18 the right to appeal certain court orders that affect their life. This [video/podcast] walks you through appealing a Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act court order; including who can help you, how an appeal works, and things you might run into along the way.

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