Making it Home

(2012, 19 min, $10.00)

Making It Home is a four-segment animation series explaining the rights and responsibilities of those involved in child apprehensions in Alberta. Using careful language and tone each segment is targetted directly to one of four groups:

The segment for biological parents details the process when a child is apprehended and at what point do biological parents' rights and obligations come into play in reuniting the family.

The child in care segment tells children what is happening when a placed away from their biological family. This segment also informs children what should and should not happen when living with a new guardian.

The segment dealing with foster care foster care explains the process of how to become a foster parent and what your job entails. This segment explains how valuable foster families are.

The kinship care family segment explains the process of how to become a kinship family and what your job entails, stressing the importance of children being placed within their own family or community.

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