Radiant Goes To Court- A Colouring Story Book

Nine-year old Radiant has to testify in court tomorrow and is very worried about it.  Join her and her friends Muskwa and Raven in BearPaw Media Productions’ first ever-educational cartoon!  Learn about what happens in court and the common testimonial aids designed to keep children comfortable and safe while testifying as either victims or witnesses.  There is also an accompanying colouring book to go along with this 3-minute cartoon.

School Act-Suspensions & Expulsions Card

This publication provides information about laws found in Alberta’s School Act that set out the conditions under which a child can be suspended or expelled from school. In doing so, it discusses the rights and responsibilities of parents and students throughout the process, including mandatory attendance of children 16 years of age and under.

PayDay Loans In Alberta

This publication will guide you through the laws that apply to payday loans in Alberta, including those that protect the consumer. It will also discuss what might happen if you cannot pay your payday loan. This includes what rights consumers have when dealing with debt collection such as collection agencies and how to file a complaint with Service Alberta.

Matrimonial Property Rights and Interests

This publication explains the new matrimonial real property law introduced in 2014 in First Nation communities called Family Homes on Reserves and Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act.

This easy-to-follow brochure explains the new legislation, including the Provisional Federal Rules, and how these laws may be implemented in First Nation communities. Some easy-to-follow flow charts are included to show changes that occurred in the matrimonial real property laws and how that affects individuals and families on First Nations in Alberta.

How To Find Your Biological Family in Albera

This publication will inform you of the legal process of reunification with your biological family.  It will inform you about how to obtain adoption information to begin your search. Additionally, it provides information required to complete reunification forms and describes services provided by the Alberta Post-Adoption Registry.

Child Apprehension Card

A parent or guardian has rights and responsibilities during the child apprehension process and it is important that they are understood. This accessible wallet-sized card will help parents or guardians understand their rights and responsibilities so they can be empowered with knowledge and involved in the process.

Record Suspensions in Canada

In order to fully participate in society again once you have served your sentence, are a law-abiding citizen, and have completed the waiting period, a record suspension (formerly called a pardon) may be necessary. This publication provides updated information about record suspensions in Canada, including changes to waiting periods, costs, and other significant changes.


Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) Section 38

Giving youth an opportunity to heal and grow while taking responsibility for their actions is important. This publication looks at the diverse options available to youth under Section 38(2)(d) of the YCJA. It explains that all options other than custody that are reasonable must be considered for all youth, but particularly for Aboriginal youth. As this section reflects a similar intention to Section 718.2(e) of the Criminal Code, it recognizes the need to take into account the underlying circumstances of a youth’s offending behaviour.

Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) Section 19

Responding to wrongdoing in a way that fosters healing, growth, and restoration of relationships is essential for youth. This publication explores how Section 19 of the YCJA makes conferences available to youth involved in the criminal justice system. This easily accessible publication will help youth, their families, and communities understand the options available for sentencing, release, extrajudicial measures, review of a sentence, and reintegration into the community.