Driving While Disqualified

The Traffic Safety Act outlines who is allowed to drive in Alberta. According to Section 94, drivers must not have had their licence or permit suspended or cancelled under the Traffic Safety Act; their privilege to secure a licence or permit in another jurisdiction must not have been cancelled; and they must not have been disqualified from driving under other existing legislation. 

Here are five reasons why someone would be unable to drive in Alberta:    

  1. The driver has been found guilty of impaired driving (under the influence of alcohol or drugs) under sections 253 or 254 of the Criminal Code of Canada. 
  2. The driver has violated other sections of the Criminal Code of Canada (Most notably, sections 220, 221, 222, 236, 249(1), 249.1 (1)(3), 252 (1)(1.2)(1.3), 255 (2) 259.4).
  3. The driver has failed to pay for damages arising from a motor vehicle accident somewhere in Canada or has outstanding fines. 
  4. The driver has violated section 86 of the Traffic Safety Act. 
  5. The driver has failed to make child support payments under the Maintenance Enforcement Program.

Source: http://www.slsedmonton.com/

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